Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just Life Around Here

 Reagan and Katelyn have been playing together more than ever lately.  Kate seems to enjoy following Reagan around and participating in whatever her big sister is doing.

 Here Reagan is teaching Kate a few dance moves and Kate follows them exactly from the hands behind the back to the crouch down on the floor.  Too cute.

 Katelyn and Logan saw each other for the first time since Christmas (I forgot to post this before; this was during the time that Collin and Reagan were in Florida).  They are three days apart, Logan being older.  They were very cute together.

 We have had a few days of nice weather.  When we do have them, we try to get outside.  We are supposed to have a nice week!!!

 Last week, Reagan helped with every step of dinner making.  She did a great job.  I LOVED that she tore all of the parsley leaves for me - not one of my favorite tasks.

Orange Leaf frozen yogurt is all the rage around here right now.  The girls and I went for the first time last weekend.  
 Collin decided to play baseball this year.  I was surprised seeing as when he played tee ball, he wrote, "I hate baseball" in window crayon on the sliding glass door and swore he would never play the sport again.  He had a change of heart, and last Sunday was opening day.  While it looked sunny, we were all pretty cold!  If you look closely (clicking on the picture enlarges it), you may notice that Collin has a fat upper lip.  He took a ball to the mouth playing catch with Tom on Saturday.  It is all healed now.

 Tyler's braces came off on Monday.  He was very happy to say goodbye to them!

Kate loves to read.  She sits on the floor and goes on and on; it's adorable.  I love that she is reading to Kelly in this picture.

Collin and Reagan drew tigers (their school mascot) for a contest.  One tiger drawing from each grade will be selected, and there will be one overall school winner.

I made these cookies and they were gone in two days.  No one missed the artificial colors from M&M candies.

Another tennis article.  The last week or so has been filled with very strong opponents and a few losses.

Reagan at her swimming lesson today.  Sunday at 3:45 has not been the best time for us; we have missed quite a few lessons, but she swam well today and had fun.

 She is just the sweetest little girl ever.  Right now, she is obsessed with "flowers" and insists on collecting them on our walks.

Collin doesn't like his freckles, but I love them.  He is such a handsome boy.  You can see that his lip is much better now, just a little dry skin.

How is it the end of April already?


Anonymous said...

I was going to say I love Collin's freckles before I even read what you had said! Kate is looking so grown up! Yay for swim lessons Sammy is taking some right now too.. it's amazing how much they can grow and improve in just one lesson!

Sherri said...

By the way freckles on the nose and cheeks are my all time favorite! Brooke has the cutest sprinkling of freckles! I love it too!
All these pictures are precious! I love how Kate and Reagan get along!
How cool to have Tyler's name in the paper! It sounds like you have a house of athletes!? We are all over tennis right now too! I love the flip in seasons! I sometimes feel bad for my wee ones, they spend a ton of time in the car, while I tow the two older ones around from event to event. I'm sure they will be fine!

Jenny said...

Tyler looks so happy! Nice teeth!

That is so cute that the girls are enjoying playing together. Sisters are so special.

Poor Collin and his lip, ouch! It looks like it healed quickly though.

Ticia said...

I'm with you on freckles. I think they're the cutest thing ever.