Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure Part Two - The Pool

On day two, Kate and I spent a couple hours enjoying the pool while everyone else stayed at the park.

She loved running through the ice cold splash area, and then warming up in the bath temperature pool.

We all enjoyed "relaxing" (ha, I did not do any relaxing) by and in the pool on our third day in Orlando.  The temperature was in the high 80s and since we had park tickets for four of the five days of our stay, we figured this would be the best day to enjoy the pool, rather than sweating in the parks. It worked out great because the weather was considerably cooler (60s) the last two days of our trip.

The pool was so nice.  I love beach entry pools for little kids, and the water was so warm that I was happy to stay in as long as Kate wanted me in there (all day!).  

 I LOVED seeing these three playing together.  

 Poolside treats are the best!
Collin wins the award for best picture of the day.  Ha!  He enjoyed that cookies and cream milkshake, and his pencil thin milkshake mustache was awesome!  Sunkissed cheeks, a great expression, and a sweet treat!

Our day by the pool was perfect.  I miss this so much right now as I write this post on a cold, dreary day at home; I would love to feel that warmth for a few hours!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome pool area!! Looks like everyone had a blast! I am ready for some of that hot weather!

Sherri said...

That cookie ice cream sandwich looks divine! yummy! Those were my favorite when I was young! :) That pool is amazing!