Friday, October 9, 2015

September Stuff

The month of September was busy, and it was over in the blink of eye.  Here's a peek at some of what we did.
 Reagan went to see One Direction with Allison.  They had a great time.

Reagan's soccer team.  She has teammates named Tyler, Collin, and Katelyn, and they all spell their names the same way our children's names are spelled.  How funny is that?

 Kate started taking swimming lessons at the Barrington Y.  She LOVES it this time and really looks forward to going.  Her teacher is wonderful.

 Kate and I went to a zoo class where we learned about giraffes.

After the zoo class, we spent some time with the goats.  Kate enjoyed feeding, brushing, and loving them.

 It was just about this time that a zoo employee told Kate she was giving out a little too much love.

 Reagan saw an orthopedic doctor at Boston Children's and we learned that she has extra bones in her feet.  She is doing physical therapy to help with her ankle pain.

 Spirit of Somerset was fun!

Disney on Ice was a birthday present for Kate, and she was very happy to share that experience with Reagan.  We had a great time!

 Reagan started playing the cello through the school strings program.

 Public Safety Day fun!

 I love Kate's corner kick.  So cute!

 Reagan is playing in a weekly field hockey league at Moses Brown in Providence.

 Magna Tiles are awesome; they are played with often here.
I took this picture looking into the top of Kate's Magna Tiles tower.

Kate enjoys patterns.  We have tons of these little erasers, and she used them to make a few different patterns.

We ended September with an early start on Halloween horrors!  Almeida's haunted hayride had some of us in stitches laughing, while some did not find it funny at all.  A few tears were shed that night, but it was fun to have a big group and overall it was entertaining.

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