Sunday, October 4, 2015

Summer Days Drifting Away

September rolled in and we continued making the most of summer vacation.
 Beach gymnastics with Allison

Barrington Playground

A lot of schools around here start up the last week of August, so on the Friday before Labor Day, we took advantage of the fact that Water Wizz would be less crowded.  We had a blast!

Tom and Reagan went down those ridiculously high water slides.  There is no way you would get me up there!
Do you see Tom waving in the above picture?  Reagan is right next to him.

You can tell that it was slightly overcast that day; that also helped us avoid crowds!
Collin wasn't so sure he would like water slides, but he ended up loving them.

See that giant black tube water slide?  The next picture is of Reagan shooting out of the tube SUPER fast!

Kate loved everything about Water Wizz.  She had a great time!

And just like that, summer vacation was over.

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