Saturday, November 7, 2015

Levels of Horror

Tom came up with levels of horror to make our Halloween happenings a little more exciting this year!  Yikes!  Collin, Reagan, the Finlaw kids, James Phenix, and occasionally a few other friends (Miranda, Madison, and Karlie) have been part of the levels.  Kate was very content to stay with Grandma or Isabel while we did this; she doesn't even like to go near the Halloween aisle ("scary ection") in Target!  I already posted about our trip to the haunted hayride at Almeida's, that was the first level (although that does not make it any less scary!  I honestly think it may have been the scariest now that I look back at all of the events), and there have been a few more adventures.

Ghoulie Manor

Tom's rules:
1.  If Addie goes, her Daddy goes
2.  If you go for the ride, you go inside
3.  If you have to pee, don't pee on me
4.  If Christy (me) goes, Becky (Finlaw) goes

Ha ha ha!  The kids loved these rules.

Originally, I had no interest in any of this and really didn't want to participate, but it ended up being so much fun because we were all together with good friends.  We are looking forward to new levels of horror next year!

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