Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I couldn't get him to smile or even make a normal face, so this is the picture that will represent sixteen!
Sixteen is one of those ages (like 1, 5, 10, and 13 -- I can't go past that because that is all I have personally experienced as a mother) that just hits you really hard in the chest and makes you swear that there is no way that much time has passed already.  Unfortunately, no matter how much I try to hold on to time, it just keeps on going.

In the past few months, Tyler has completed driving school and found a job washing dishes at Fiesta.  It's amazing to me that he is old enough for these things, but if I look at him, all six feet of him, I really shouldn't be surprised.  When did he get so tall?

So, on to the birthday stuff.

Tyler requested steak, mashed potatoes, and corn for his birthday dinner.  I found a few different cake recipes that I thought might appeal to Tyler, and he chose the Neely's Cookies and Cream Cake.

I was nervous about the recipe because the reviewers either loved it or hated it, and some of the comments stated problems with the cake falling apart, getting stuck to the pans, and having no flavor. I made sure to flour the pans really well and check to see if the cake was done before the thirty minutes passed.  I had no problems at all, and everyone LOVED the cake.  The only change I made was to the frosting; I used one less cup of confectioners' sugar because a lot of the reviewers said it was too sweet, and it came out great.

How sweet is this picture?  I love that he adores her so.  This is a much better representation of sixteen and Tyler in general.  

Tom and I took Tyler and Hailey to see Brad Paisley (Lee Brice and Chris Young were the opening acts) in concert earlier this month as a surprise birthday present.

Tyler and Hailey had seats in the pavilion, and Tom and I had lawn seats.  Tyler and Hailey had a great time, and Tyler said it was a great birthday present.  Tom and I enjoyed the concert too.  For some reason, I did not take any pictures that night, but it was fun and the music was great.

Happy Birthday, Tyler.  I hope that every day of sixteen is full of fun and happiness.


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to Tyler! I can't believe he's 16! How exciting and scary at the same time!

Ticia said...

What a great day, the cake looks pretty delicious to me.

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!
I have cookie and cream cake lovers!
He seems like such a fantastic kid/son!

Anonymous said...

What a great present! That picture of Tyler with Kate melts my heart!! That cake looks delicious!

MaryAnne said...

He is getting so grown up! I LOVE the photo of Tyler with Kate.