Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin Soup

Kate and I are in love with the book Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper.  How did I not know about this book or this author?  Anyway, we adore everything about the book, everything.
Don't you just love the gymnastics leotard with the rain boots?!!

Every time we read it, Kate mixes up a pumpkin full of pumpkin soup.  She did this 100% on her own, without any prompting from me.

Today I decided to look on Pinterest for a recipe for pumpkin soup, and I found one that looked good; it's vegan too, so I was very happy.  I had all of the ingredients, so we went right to work.

The soup is delicious, but cooking with Kate is lots of fun and a million times better than a great bowl of soup!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this book too!! That soup looks delicious! I hope you let her stir the soup ;-)

Sherri said...

Brilliant idea! I love the pumpkin soup idea! I that book ...I haven't read it...but I am looking for a Halloween...fall book to read to Annika's class on Halloween...and I think that's the one? What do you think?