Thursday, May 28, 2015


Eighteen years ago, this baby boy made me a mom.  
It might not be noticeable to most people, but I look at that tiny head and remember the awful bruise he had covering his entire head from being vacuum extracted.  I also remember what a shock it was leaving the hospital with him.  I was full of love for him, but absolutely terrified about being responsible for his life!

I cannot believe that eighteen years have passed.  I hate to even write that because I find myself saying it all the time!  Where did the time go?  How is it possible that another year has gone by? But it's true; the time just flies by.

A few thoughts:
  • Through the years he has made me smile, laugh, cry, and yell.  I just hope all of his memories are of the smiling and laughing, and maybe a few of the happy tears..
  • I have cheered for him through seasons of baseball, soccer, basketball, swim team, tennis, football, and track.  He kept us busy!
  • Tyler is very intelligent.  He's very mathematical and logical.  
  • No one can beat him at games of checkers or anything like that because he can somehow see things on the board that most people just don't see.  I don't know how to explain it!
  • He is a reader.
  • Everyone loves Tyler.  He is incredibly likeable.  Adults are always telling us what a fine young man he is, and how they really enjoy his company.  
  • He used to talk and talk and talk.  He is not quite as talkative now, but Reagan has been happy to take over that role.  He would talk to anyone who would listen.  I remember being at Olivia Charest's first birthday party (Tyler was seven) and we saw him sitting in a room talking and talking and talking to Olivia's grandparents.  Paul (Olivia's dad) came over to us and let us know that the grandparents didn't speak a word of English!!!  Tyler didn't care; he just had a lot to say!
  • He also made friends faster than anyone.  Within minutes of being at the beach or a playground, Tyler had new friends!  He still has this awesome trait; I wish I could be like this.
  • Tyler often makes his siblings so happy - he will take Collin to Game Stop or play with the girls.  Sometimes he will bring them ice cream or doughnuts!  He was awesome when Kate was a newborn; somehow when Tom and I were incapable of soothing her, Tyler had a special touch that calmed her immediately.
  • I remember how excited he was to become a big brother.  After seven years of being an only child, he was thrilled when we told him the news, and I still remember him first meeting Collin in the hospital and then sitting on the front steps of our house waiting for us to bring home his baby brother.
  • He still loves trucks and country music.
  • There are so many common teenage activities that cause parents huge headaches (drinking, drugs, etc.), and we have been so very fortunate to not have to deal with any of that stuff.  He really has been a good kid.
  • I cannot help but think of all of the mistakes I made - the times I got frustrated with him or yelled at him, the times when he needed me and I was too busy or preoccupied to help, the things I haven't taught him....I could go on and on.  I am certainly not perfect, but I love this boy with all of my heart and I hope he knows that.
We celebrated his birthday with his favorite meal - steak and mashed potatoes.  Then we had cake and ice cream.  The cake was from Pattie Cake - chocolate with cookies and cream filling.

Bacon hot chocolate from Auntie Karen, Uncle Mark, & Hannah


Happy Birthday, Tyler!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tyler!! You guys don't look old enough to have an 18 year old!! That cake is awesome!! What are his plans for next year?

Sherri said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER!!! Love the cake! Love the photos! Love the tribute to him!