Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Few More Things About Our Disney Vacation

These magic bands are in a testing phase right now.  We each had our own band and by placing the Mickey on the band to another Mickey sensor, we were able to gain entry to the parks, enter our hotel room, pay for anything, and use the Fast Pass system.  We experienced a few glitches with the bands, but overall I thought they worked well.

She may be cuter than a cupcake, but yikes, she was a challenge on this vacation.  Kate is very strong willed, and while that may be a great trait later in life, it certainly is hard on everyone during the toddler stage.  She insisted that only I carry her the entire five days we were in Disney World.  If Dad  or Grandma tried to carry her, she would scream!  We tried to buckle her into strollers, but that only lasted a short time.  She enjoyed the parks though, so at least she had a good time.  I just don't plan on traveling with her again any time soon.

It was nice to have Grandma with us for another Disney adventure.  She adds a lot to the experience, and she is always so helpful.  Thanks for coming with us Grandma!

As a junior in high school, it wasn't practical for Tyler to come on this trip.  He had school, football, work, and PSATs while we were gone.  One of the challenges of parenting children of a wide age range is that it is difficult to please all of them at the same time, and sometimes that means we do things for one or a few of our children, but not all of them.  We missed Tyler while we were gone!

Papa and Grandma were a huge help while we were gone!  They stayed at our house with Tyler and Kelly the whole time; therefore, they made this trip possible!  They drove Tyler all over the place and spent some great quality time with him too!  Kelly was also thrilled to have them here!  Thank you Papa and Grandma!

I still have a mountain of laundry, so I better get to it.


Sherri said...

HOw awesome to have Grandparents to help in all directions! The bands seem like a great idea!
As for Kate..she sounds identical to Rex....I am not sure I could 5 full days of only me holding him! We just got back from the science center...and 2 hours was tough! ;)

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I loved the toddler stage - so much fun - but it was a huge relief when we were finally completely through it.

MaryAnne said...

The bands sound fun, but the toddler situation sounds tough!

Grandparents are WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read through the other parts of the trip! Sounds like it was fun and tiring all at the same time!