Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Letter E Activities Part Two - Elephants and Eggs

I put together a basket for the letter E.  With the last basket, I ended up finding more items over the course of the week, so some days Kate would find different things in the basket.  That will probably happen with every letter.

I was surprised that Kate enjoyed Elmer.  I thought the book might be too long for her attention span, but we have read it several times.  

I cut out a contact paper elephant, and gave Kate some tissue paper and googly eyes to make her own Elmer.

I love the autumn leaves in the background of this picture.  This time of year is just so pretty.

I have a little elephant vegetable cutter that I used to cut out cucumber elephants.  Collin, Reagan, and Kate ate almost an entire cucumber.  Reagan dipped hers in sweet pepper hummus.

I also plated Kate's scrambled eggs in the shape of an uppercase E.

Kate LOVES Elephant and Piggie.  We have read more than just these two, but the others are in her room and she is napping!  I also thought she would like to see some pictures of real elephants, so I picked up Elephant by Caroline Arnold from the library.  We haven't read any of it, but we have spent some time looking at the pictures (and that's all I intend to do with Kate).

I printed letter E Do a Dot pages, but Kate wasn't interested in them.  I think I'll wait a while before reintroducing any printables.  She has plenty of time for that later on.


Anonymous said...

What fun! The cucumber elephants are adorable!!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

You are so creative! I love the cucumbers.

Sherri said...

My computer has been I have been anxious to see all that you are doing..and of course it's fantastic! LOVe the cucumber elephants! :) My kids love cucumbers! We haven't read Elmer...although I have always wanted to....just from the cover alone! Too fun!

MaryAnne said...

Have you read "We Are in a Book"? That is my favorite!!!