Wednesday, October 23, 2013

E is for Elmo

We started letter E activities today.

 This is the same red play dough we have been using since our letter A activities.  I used our Elmo sandwich cutter, an orange bottle cap, and some cotton balls to help Kate make Elmo.

 I let her use paint with a cookie cutter and sponge to make Es on paper.

If you ask Kate what sound E makes, she says, "buh" (as in the sound that B makes).  So, as I have said before, this is an introduction to the alphabet for her!

In addition to the letter E activities today, I put some shaving cream and washable paint in a bin for Kate to play with.  She would NOT touch it, so I put my hands in and let her see how much fun I was having.  She still wouldn't touch it.  As a matter of fact, at one point she fell forward and her hand landed in the shaving cream, and she cried for me to wash it off!

So I gave her some paper straws and let her play with it that way.

I couldn't resist taking advantage of this marbling opportunity, so I put a piece of thick white paper on top of the swirly shaving cream and let it sit for a while before I scraped off the shaving cream and let it continue to dry.  Once it dried, I cut out the letter E.

I also made Kate a squish bag with a little shaving cream and some red sparkly paint.  I thought she might like this better since she didn't have to get dirty.

She played with it for a little while, but Collin played with it on and off throughout the afternoon and evening!!!  He is a huge fan of any and all sensory activities.


Sherri said...

That too cute!!!!!! I love that she doesn't want to get dirty...and touch funny substances! 1/2 my kids were like that and the other 1/2 would cover themselves in everything sticky and greasy! :)

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

The marbling turned out beautifully!

MaryAnne said...

My kids feel the same way about shaving cream play!

Anonymous said...

I so love that Collin was all about the squishy bag! Looks like a great E week :-)