Thursday, October 3, 2013

C is for Cat

Kate 24 months
Kate and I are working on the letter Cc this week.  My goal for her right now is just to see the letter, play with it, and maybe understand that different letters make different sounds - even if she doesn't always know which letter makes which sound.  When she is ready, we will go through the alphabet again with more focus on phonics and more activities for each letter.  This is simply an introduction to the alphabet.

 We read two books about cats.  She really likes both of these books!

We looked for the letter C in this basket of peg stacking letters.

We made Cs by filling in an outline with the play dough we had left from our last two weeks of letter fun.  I actually made the letters for her; she helped a little.

She used a letter C play dough stamp to make a few Cs of her own.

I made a bunch more and put them on a tray for her to play with.

She used the dot markers.  Sometimes she dots the letters, and sometimes she just puts dots wherever she wants.  This is okay!  She's two!

We looked at cats in shapes.  She is very good at identifying star and heart; the rest of the shapes she may or may not recognize on any given day.

 Kate was happy to see cat ice cubes!

I made Kate a cat sandwich.

I also cut up some cat cheese pieces for her.

Random play:
 Kate dumped the water beads into the bin with the alphabet sponges.

 I have almost donated this My Little Pony teapot house so many times (Reagan has had it for a long time), but lately Kate has been playing with it quite a bit.
 Kate definitely plays with her toys.  I am convinced it is because she does not have as many toys as her siblings at this age.  Less is more.  I have read so many articles about children not playing with their toys because they just have too many and feel overwhelmed.  I believe it.

I have a lot more letter C fun planned.  This is only the beginning!


MaryAnne said...

Looks like she is enjoying her tot school!

Susana said...

I love reading what you are doing with her. I laughed though, because your goals with her and the alphabet at 24 months are the same as mine with Jesse at 48 months!! I guess that's an oops on my part!

I love that cat sandwich and the little cheese cats.

The cloud dough looks really fun. I bought the stuff for making it today. I am going to make it for D and use it in Hanna's donut pans next week.

I bought some water beads too. Going to pull them out for letter F in a few weeks. Yours looked so fun I wanted to try them here!

Sherri said...

We did playdough letters this week!! :) Love all your cat fun! LIke I said...your preschool is full blown awesome!!