Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Vacation Week Three

 More tennis
 Time with friends


Reagan had a week of gymnastics camp.  She went every day from 9-4 (except Wednesday when I picked her up early to go swim at the DoRegos' house), and two of the days she had to be back at the gym from 5-6:30 for Rookie Team practice.  Yet she was always disappointed when it was time to go.  I guess she likes it, just a little!!!  It felt like it was 400 degrees in the gym, so she must really like it to want to be there all day.  It has been in the high 90s all week and the gym does not have AC; one day, the gymnasts all had Ziploc bags full of ice tucked into the back of their leotards!!!

Reagan has always been very determined to succeed; it is a great quality and I am so proud of how hard she works to accomplish her goals.  All week long she talked about how she was trying and trying to do a pullover on the bars, but just couldn't get it.  Today, when I went in to pick her up from camp, the owner of the gym came over and told me Reagan did it twice.

She also commented on Reagan's determination and hard work.  She was very proud of Reagan, and this made me happy to have Reagan at this gym!  Reagan was proud too!  All of her hard work paid off!

Reagan also got the award for hardest worker at camp this week.

Now we are gearing up for our trip to visit Auntie Karen and Uncle Mark!  I better pack!


Anonymous said...

What a great week! Yay Reagan on such wonderful accomplishments at the gym!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Can Reagan please send some hard work and determination to Anna, Ms Daydreamer? I am yet to see her work really hard on anything...

Sherri said...

Very impressive!!!
All our kids need is hard work and they can achieve anything! So you must be very proud! That's even better than "The Most Talented!" (which I am sure she also!) :)
Looks like a great week of fun!!!!
Still wishing we were neighbors! :)

Jenny said...

No AC in the gym? How did she survive?! She must really be motivated. Congrats to Reagan!