Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yogurt, Ducks, and Geese

Later in the day on Monday, we walked to Yotality for frozen yogurt and sorbet, and then walked over to the Erie Canal to feed the ducks and geese.

Reagan named a few of the ducks - Rupert, Earth, and Chocolate Cake.  This is Rupert about to dive into the water:

Collin and Reagan were looking forward to feeding the ducks and geese because it has become a tradition when we visit Auntie Karen.  They love buying the little bags of food and running around while they throw it to the birds.  Reagan was a little squeamish at times though; she wasn't sure she wanted them too close to her!  Kate was funny too, she would squeal whenever the ducks or geese came near her; she didn't seem frightened though.

It was a fun way to end our first full day in upstate New York.


Sherri said...

We have not found a good lake with ducks to feed in a long time (or geese), I think that is joy that kids remember forever!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Feeding ducks is such fun for little ones. Good thing Kate wasn't scared!

Anonymous said...

What fun! I am with Reagan though.. I have to put on my brave face when they get real close to me! I got bit in the butt by a goose when I was a kid.. very traumatic ;-)