Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bubbles - Part Four

Okay, so these aren't technically bubbles, BUT who cares!?  They have a bubble like appearance, and I have wanted to do this for the LONGEST TIME, so I fit them into our bubble theme.  What are they?  Water Beads!  They were all over blog land and Pinterest and Facebook and every other site a year or two ago.  I bought the beads way back then.  And, I forgot all about them.  Every once in a while I would remember them, but the timing just wouldn't be right.  So, here they are now!  Finally.
 They start out as these teeny tiny little beads that I think are meant to be used as vase filler.
 When you put them in water, they absorb the water and turn into these beautiful, jiggly, squishy, bubbly little balls of fun.  You just can't resist playing with them; therefore, they make for an awesome sensory experience.

 As soon as I brought them out, Collin, Reagan, and Katelyn were immediately drawn to them.  They really do feel cool and they are hard to resist.  I would love to fill a tub with them and get inside!  Hmmm...I bet the kids would love that too!
 I had to put some in a container for Collin because there was a little bit of bickering going on regarding personal space.
 Even Tyler had to check them out.

Reagan, Kate, and I put our feet in, and I think this may be the next big thing for pedicures!  It was delightful!


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

You bought very pretty water beads. We tried them too, but Anna was only moderately interested in them. Perhaps they are better for the crowd :)

Anonymous said...

So much fun!! We love them and I so would love to get in a bath tub with them as well!!

Sherri said...

Another brilliant idea from a fantastic mom! :)

Ticia said...

I think it's so incredibly relaxing to put my hands in them.

Though,it wasn't fun when we accidentally put a bunch of them down the drain.....