Friday, September 20, 2013

B is for Bear - Part One

This is the first time I made a theme lunch for Kate, and she thought it was so funny.  She LOVED biting off the bear's arms, legs, head, and then eating up his belly.  I ended up making it again the next day per her request. 

I also made her a bluebeary (ha ha ha) pancake with chocolate chip eyes, nose, and mouth.

Yes, I realize this bear looks a little weird.  Actually, it looks like a bear that got into a nasty fight! Whatever!  She liked it!

My bear cookies look much better!  They are peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips added for details.
 I didn't use a cookie cutter; I just made the head out of a regular ball of dough and then added two little balls of dough for ears.  The first batch looked weird because I forgot to account for spreading!  These look cute though.

This next sentence is for Tom.  Kate has not figured out puzzles yet.  Tom used to make fun of me because I always talked about Tyler and Collin being so good at puzzles when they were little.  Well, Kate doesn't have that spatial reasoning skill yet.  We're working on it.  (She actually spent some time working on puzzles with Grandma this morning!) Kate got this cute bear puzzle for her birthday, and it's perfect for working on puzzle skills and for our letter Bb fun.

I made beary (ha ha ha again, I crack myself up) blue play dough using my regular play dough recipe and adding about a tablespoon or so of grape Kool Aid powder for scent and a lot of blue food coloring.  I only had grape Kool Aid powder and I only used a little because I didn't want to turn the dough purple.  We don't drink Kool Aid; I use it for crafts like paint and play dough.

 We used play dough stampers to make bear paw prints and bear faces (Kate got these for Christmas from Papa and Grandma, and she uses them every time she plays with play dough).  They are super cute.
I am having so much fun coming up with themes for Kate!  I love it!  Stay tuned because I have a lot more bear fun to share!


Anonymous said...

What fun bear food! Looks like Kate loved all of the activities!

Susana said...

This whole post is fun! I loved seeing what you are doing with Kate.

Tell Tom that myself and Jesse don't have spatial reasoning skills either. Maybe Jesse's will develop, but mine never did. I'll just assume no one ever gave me the proper tools for development, ahem...

Kate's adorable and I bet she is loving all this special, themed learning fun with you. I know she's having such a beary good time :), :0, ;). <-- Those are all of the faces that you wouldn't insert in the post.

You did crack me up in this post and I seriously loved reading it.

Looking forward to more beary fun school stuff and whatever comes after it! We are doing 'B' is for butterfly this week and 'C' is for cookies next week.

Sherri said...

You inspire me!
Learning is like magic at your house!
I love every detail of this post!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

It's funny - Anna doesn't have spatial skills either - she dislikes puzzles and mazes even now. As always, your food projects are so much fun!