Friday, September 13, 2013

Letter Aa Activities

I was excited to see this apple mask on the paper grocery bags at Whole Foods this week.  I use my own bags, but I always ask for a paper bag for any meats I buy.  I cut the mask out and taped a popsicle stick on the back.  Kate thought it was funny for me to have an apple face, but she wanted no part of trying it herself.

 Kate is a HUGE fan of these peg stacking letters.  We have a few different alphabet toys, but this is her absolute favorite and she plays with them quite a bit.  It's funny to me because Collin and Reagan hardly played with any of the peg stacking toys.  We paid special attention to the letter A this week.

 Kate enjoys using the Do A Dot markers, so I printed this page for her to dot all of the letters.

She really didn't have any interest in this tactile A.  She said it was pink and pretty and that she was "done".

The play dough has been out a lot!  She was very excited about adding toothpicks to her dough!
She put all but one of those toothpicks in by herself.  She would put them in and take them out and put them back in; LOVED it!

Yes, she does have clothes, but NO she does not like to wear any of them!

I made baked apples with a pie crust topping for a treat.  The recipe came from American Girl magazine.  It is really easy:

- core apples
- stuff each apple with a little butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar
- top with pie dough weaved as shown
- bake in foil muffin cups in 400 degree oven for 10-15 minutes

If I make these again, I'll add more brown sugar and cinnamon.  Also, I would like to bake the apples longer.  Maybe if I covered the dough after the fifteen minutes, that would work out.  They were pretty good though.

So far, our letter Aa fun has been a success!


Sherri said...

Yahoo! For starting again with these little ones! I love your A activities!!!! I was excited to start with Brady!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

This apple recipe does look good! How fun to see Kate learning alphabet - it brings back good memories :)

Anonymous said...

Those apple pies are too cute!!! What fun A activities!