Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Leading up to the festivities yesterday, Kate said, "I wanna go Halloween" over and over; actually, she has been saying that for weeks now!  I was thrilled when it was time to actually go out!

We began with a few family visits after Collin and Reagan got home from school.  

Kate decided not to wear her Doc costume; she put together her own costume for these visits.

We visited Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, and Auntie Di first.
Then we went to Uncle Mark and Brittany's house.

After dinner, Kate asked for her costume.

Here they are - Mulan, Doc McStuffins, and the grim reaper.

Papa came to see the kids and deliver more treats.  He was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.  Kate would not get too close!

The Finlaws arrived around 6:00, and we all went out trick or treating.  My kids had more than enough candy before we even went out!!!  Grandma Susan was super nice to stay at our house and hand out candy; thank you Grandma!

Halloween is a lot of fun in our neighborhood.  There are people everywhere, and even the adults get into party mode giving cocktails to the adults while giving candy to the kids.  It makes for a fun night for everyone.

We were out for over two hours!  Everyone had fun!

Kate LOVED trick or treating.  Once she got going, she was happily saying, "trick or treat" and always said, "thank you".  There is one house in our neighborhood with some spooky decorations and lights; I should have taken pictures or video.  Kate was not a fan.  She was kind of frozen while trick or treating there, and after that she told EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. she saw that she, "not like pooky house" and would point to the direction of the house.  It was funny.

Reagan and Collin are already discussing costume options for next year!


MaryAnne said...

What a fun evening you had!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Anna wouldn't go trick-or-treating at Kate's age - she was too scared. Now, however, she is perfectly able to focus exclusively on candy to be had :)

Sherri said...

Rex wouldn't wear his costume...he was sick of it, by trick or treat...but he didn't want to miss a house! So he was the tin man ...with only his hat! :)
I love your kids cute!

Anonymous said...

aww at the spoooky house! Glad everyone had a great time! We didn't trick or treat this year since Sammy was still recovering! We did, however, have a lot of fun handing out candy :-)