Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve 2013!!!

We started our New Year's Eve party with a dinner, some fancy beverages, and brownies for dessert.

My kids don't really drink soda.  I don't buy it, and they rarely drink it out.  Reagan claims to like it, but really only sips a little.  Collin doesn't like carbonation, and Kate had never had it until tonight.  I thought this fancy sparkling all natural juice and soda would be a little easier on them, but Reagan ended up with a stomach ache.  It passed quickly though.  The other two didn't drink much.  The cherry vanilla soda with maraschino cherries looked pretty though and I made it with more cherry juice than soda!!!  Next year I will just make milk shakes!  Not sure what I was thinking.  Oh well, Tyler will happily drink the leftover soda!

We had a bit of a dance party for a while.  These fun, blinking 2014 glasses were a big hit.

Here is a short video:

Tom has a better video of everyone saying, "Happy New Year!"; I'll have to post that one tomorrow.

Reagan has a VERY loose tooth that was bothering her earlier.  It was kind of funny listening to her say, "It's coming.  It's coming.  It's coming out.".  She was actually hysterical for a bit.  An ice pack seemed to dull the pain, and the tooth is still in her mouth.  Maybe tomorrow.

Kate was in bed around 9:00.  Tom went to bed around 10:00.  Tyler is at a friend's house in the neighborhood.  The new year is less than an hour away, and I'm trying to stay awake with Collin and Reagan.  They are both on the couch trying to keep their eyes open, but I think we'll all make it.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas with Auntie Karen and Uncle Mark

 We are so grateful that Auntie Karen and Uncle Mark drove from upstate New York to visit us for a Christmas celebration.  The kids all miss and love them so much.  These pictures were taken yesterday, and Karen and Mark were in their Cowboys jerseys because those jerseys help the Cowboys win, or at least that is what they said.

 A while back, Karen and Reagan started this nerd thing; they call each other nerd all the time.  This became a theme in the gift giving!!!  Check out the nerd glasses.

 In the above picture, you can see the slime on Kate's face.  She had a runny nose, but she had also been chomping on candy NERDS (part of the Nerd theme) for a while and they were all over her face, stuck in the snot and drool.

This is such a sweet picture.  We love you Auntie Karen and Uncle Mark!

Christmas Day Continued

 After a morning spent opening and playing with new toys, we all went to Grandma's house.  The plan was for Kate to wear the same dress that Reagan wore, but Kate had a different plan and that was to stay in her Christmas jammies all day long.

 Pink hair from Auntie Di.

 Snuggling with her favorite.

There were MANY more people there, but I guess I was too busy having fun to take pictures!!!!

Christmas Morning

Boo started barking around 4:00 in the morning on Christmas day.  Soon after, I heard Kate and brought her into my bed.  She went back to sleep for a short time.  Collin was in my bed before 5:00, and then Reagan was up a few minutes later.  We were nice and let Tyler sleep in.....until 6:00.

 Kate noticed that there were only a few crumbs left on Santa's plate; she ate them!!!!
 The stockings were full!
 Collin was so excited about that astronaut ice cream, but after trying it, he declared it, "gross".

Our tradition has always been that Grandma and Grandpa come over early Christmas morning with all of their gifts.  It makes for a very exciting Christmas morning with lots of presents.

 Santa brought that big candy cane bone for Kelly, and some little Christmas bones for Boo.

 Boo had a different idea.  Poor Kelly, she lets Boo get away with everything.  Boo is still chomping away on that bone all day long.

 I didn't think I had any pictures of Grandpa on Christmas morning, but you can see him in the background of the above picture.

 The much awaited and greatly anticipated Rainbow Loom.

 Santa brought Y Scooters for Reagan and Collin.

 Kate was VERY overwhelmed by Christmas.  She opened a few presents and then decided she was done.  She only opened one of her presents from Mom and Dad on Christmas, and then opened the remaining two and the three presents from Santa two days later.  She was SUPER excited about that Doc McStuffins clinic (above) from Grandma and Grandpa, and after opening that, she stayed in that position just kind of staring at it and occasionally playing with it a little.  She loves it!  She also loves her Lambie from Grandma and Grandpa.  While she was still opening gifts though, she did open some clothing and she is officially at the age of pushing it away, with total disappointment on her face.  She is not her sister; Reagan has always been very excited about clothes!

 New headphones from Santa make for a happy teenager.

 Above is the present from Mom and Dad that Kate opened; a little kitchen - this has been a big hit.

I love to mention a few of the gifts the kids received so that I can remember in the future.

Tyler - Beats headphones, mini Coca Cola fridge, money (he's saving for a laptop)

Collin - Lego sets (of course), books, Disney Infinity (and some figurines) for the WiiU, Y Scooter

Reagan - Rainbow Loom, Y Scooter, roller blades, clothes, shoes

Katelyn - Kitchen, Gymnic Rody hopping horse, Strider bike