Monday, September 29, 2014

Escobar Farm Corn Maze

Yesterday morning we went to Escobar Farm to try their corn maze.  We had very warm weather for the end of September (low 80s), so luckily this corn maze was just the right size for our family to explore in the heat.  The maze had two sections, and this was perfect because Reagan led the way through the first section and Collin led the way through the second section.  They both did very well navigating through the corn, and even though we had a map, we never used it.  Another nice thing about Escobar Farm is that they allow dogs in the corn maze!  We brought Boo; it was way too hot for Kelly, and she is a little too big for corn mazes anyway.

 There were a few of these silly cornundrum signs throughout the maze; they were fun little puzzles for us to solve.

 Kate and Reagan rode the cow train after we completed the maze.  It was cute!

The maze had a Wizard of Oz theme.  There were only a few references to The Wizard of Oz, but we thought these legs were funny!!!  I had to assure Kate that the legs were fake before she would let me put her down!

Every time we go to a corn maze, I realize that I have the worst sense of direction.  I don't think I would ever get out on my own!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Name Recognition

This week, Kate and I have focused on the letters in her name.  

 I wrote her name on a large piece of paper, and she used watercolor paints over the letters.

 She liked the Scrabble Cheez It crackers.

 I put this tray out for her, and she really enjoyed placing the little glass vase filler marbles over the letters of her name.  They are flat bottomed, so they stay put, and she likes that she can see the letters through the pieces.
She didn't have the manual dexterity to squeeze the clips on to the card stock.  We'll save those for another time.

I saw these little alphabet cookies on a friend's Instagram post (thank you, Susana), and got some for Kate.  She thinks they are super tasty and every opportunity to point out letters is great!

Kate had to show me the letter and name it before she could eat it.  Sometimes she confuses A and E, but she does well with the other letters in her name.  She also likes to be silly sometimes and purposely tell me the wrong letter with a sly grin on her face!!!

We had some play-doh lids in the cabinet, so I wrote the letters of Kate's name on them.  She played with these for a while and really enjoyed spinning them.

Here are two videos of her spinning and calling out the letters; I love when she points out that the T is upside down:

She is an eager learner and reminds me of Collin at this age because she often asks to "do homework".

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Talk Like a Pirate Day

I was so happy that I saw something about Talk Like a Pirate Day before it was too late this year. I like silly little holidays that give us a reason to have some fun.

For breakfast I made pirate pancakes.

I made Collin's pancake extra chocolatey,

and the girls' pancakes extra fruity.

I also sent some Pirate's Booty in their lunches along with free printable pirate jokes.

Here is my favorite pirate joke:  How much did the pirate pay for his earrings?  A Buccaneer!  Ha ha ha!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Y is for Yellow

 I drew this Y on cardboard and Kate painted it yellow and added yellow masking tape.  Boo helped.

 A yellow scavenger hunt.

 Kate stuck yellow tissue paper onto a contact paper Y.

 Lemon scented play dough

 Kate made lemonade.  She really enjoys juicing the lemons.

Our final yellow activity was making yellow cake pops.

We have officially completed the entire alphabet!!!  That doesn't mean we are done learning or will stop doing alphabet activities.  Not at all!  This was just an introduction to the alphabet.  Kate enjoys learning and I love being her teacher!

Kate's Birthday Party

Grandma Susan hosted Kate's third birthday party, and we all had a wonderful time!  

Kate's cake came from Pattie Cake, and it was a vanilla cake with vanilla filling (Kate's favorite flavor).

That is one HUGE Minnie Mouse balloon!  It is still hanging around our house, and I have jumped a few times when I walked around a corner or into a dark room and saw it out of the corner of my eye!

Minnie came to celebrate with us!  Kate was thrilled!!!

Minnie's helper played music, made balloons, and gave the kids tattoos.

Dad even got a balloon sword!

After Minnie left, it was time for cake!

The above picture is my absolute favorite of the entire day.  Kate was so excited about her birthday, her cake, everyone singing to her, and everything else about the party; the look on her face conveys all of her excitement and happiness, and I just love how precious and sweet and innocent and full of joy she looks in that single picture!  

Kate opened all of her presents and we headed home.  After getting into a new nightgown, Kate started playing at her new easel.  I mentioned that it was time for bed and Kate yelled, "I'm not tired!".  Less than two minutes later, she was fast asleep.
I think her third birthday was absolutely perfect in every way!