Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Halloween Fun!

 Kate's Frankenfoot is the cutest thing ever.  I love this simple craft!

Spider doughnuts!

 Kate and I used candy corn to work on counting and number recognition.

I saw these Build A Skeleton cookies at Target and I could not resist them.  The kids had a lot of fun with them.

Karen's Baby Shower

Last weekend, Dad (Papa) and I traveled to New York to visit Karen and Mark.  Their baby shower was Friday night, and it was great to be there.  That's right, I am going to be an aunt in just a few weeks!!!  I'm so very excited and can't wait to meet my first niece or nephew!

 Ha ha!!!!!!  I had to double check that this was indeed a gag gift; you never know today!

We also went to the George Eastman house and stopped at this farm to buy a pie.  After we bought the pie, we went through these tee pees to check out the jack o' lanterns.

 The kids would have liked walking through here!

This was the first time since I've had children that I visited Karen and Mark without kids in tow!

It was a fun weekend.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Haunted Houses

This is Kate's first paper bag haunted house.  I drew the two windows at the top, but she drew the window and door at the bottom!
Kate has lollipop all over her face.

I assembled these haunted houses for the girls to finish.  They enjoyed drawing scary creatures in the windows and behind the door.  I made one for Collin too, but after starting it, he decided he wasn't interested and that was okay too!

Kate was absolutely adorable describing her haunted house to me.  Here is the video:

Edible haunted houses were a WIN with all four kids - no surprise there.
Tyler had no interest in assembling his; he just slathered the icing onto the pieces and added sprinkles.

It's not too often that all four kids are working on the same thing at the same time.  I love when this happens.

 Gross gob of frosting on Reagan's teeth.

Acorn Cap Jewels

Reagan, Kate and I colored the insides of acorn caps with markers,

and then we filled them with glue.

We waited patiently.

After forty-eight hours, the acorn caps became beautiful little jewels!


Reagan is receiving enrichment services in language arts through the Spectrum program this year!  Woo hoo!

Collin is receiving enrichment services in math and language arts this year.  Woo hoo!

Tyler is one of sixty-seven SBRHS students to qualify for the John and Abigail Adams scholarship! Woo hoo!!!

I'm one proud mama!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Treats

As I sit writing this post, I realize the kids have had too many special treats lately.  I think it's time to turn to fruit for fun foods!  Well, here's a look at all of the sweet treats we have made lately.
They made their own scarecrow cookies.

 I made Mummy Dogs over the weekend.

 Kate helped me make these witches' hats for an after school treat.

 I saw this fun Halloween trail mix on Pinterest, and Kate helped me set it up one day after school.  We had goblin teeth (candy corn), ghost poop (mini marshmallows), monster scabs (cinnamon cereal), and witch warts (mini chocolate chips).  The kids ate some and we made little bags for the Foley girls.

Pancakes are the easiest fun food.  They can become anything!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


 Cookie cutter ghost prints

 I painted Kate's feet white to make footprint ghosts.

 Cotton Ball Ghost

A ghost in Kate's hot chocolate, and her spooky face!

Look at these two cuties making footprint ghosts back in 2009!