Friday, June 29, 2012

Magic Balloon

We did a simple science experiment this morning.


  • small water bottle
  • latex balloon
  • 4 TBSP vinegar
  • 2 TBSP baking soda
  • I doubled the ingredients because I let C and R each do their own

  1. Pour the vinegar into the bottle
  2. Using a small funnel, spoon the baking soda into the balloon
  3. Holding the balloon so the baking soda doesn't tip into the bottle, stretch the opening of the balloon to fit over the neck of the bottle
  4. Slowly straighten out the balloon and tip it upside down so that the baking soda falls into the vinegar 
  5. Take pictures of the amazement on the kids' faces!

Before doing this, I asked the kids what they thought would happen when the baking soda fell into the vinegar.  They are very familiar with the reaction of baking soda and vinegar since we have made volcanoes and launched rockets with the combination, so they knew it would fizz and maybe explode, but they did not guess that the balloon would blow up!  You can see the surprise on their faces.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

First Library Experience

K has been inside the library before, but today was the first time I let her explore.  C and R were in another room of the library touring and participating in the Museum of Science Traveling Planetarium, so K and I spent some time reading.

 K was obsessed with the metal bookend.  She kept grabbing it.  Eventually, I moved it out of reach and directed her attention back to the books.

The children's librarian is a bit neurotic and high strung, but she came over to tell me that I should let K explore the books, so I did.  We stayed by the board books, so she couldn't do any real damage!

More Pool Time

We have had some really nice weather.  Ahhhhh, I love it.  Not too hot, slight breeze, perfect for spending time outside.  We went back to Grandpa's pool this morning and had a lot of fun!

R is swimming under water now!

She also loves to jump into the pool.

C is swimming better and better each time!

We bought this floaty thing for K to use in the pool.  She spends most of the time trying to get out of it!

Me and my girls:

C was my photographer today; he did a great job!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beaded Bubble Wands

C and R made their own bubble wands.  I followed the directions posted by The Artful Parent.  They worked great for bubble play; the bubbles were nice and big.  When we ran out of bubble solution, R's wand became a fairy princess wand and C's became a sceptre.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jungle Kids

C and R came up with this on their own this afternoon.  I am so impressed.  I am also totally jealous that I am not a kid.  I don't think this branch would hold my weight.  Ah, kids and summertime, is there anything better?  They have had so much fun outside today.  I love watching them play together.