Monday, July 30, 2012

Dad is home!!!!

Tom took the ipad to London; Collin missed it.

One for Collin, and one for Kate.

 Note - Tyler was at tennis camp when Dad arrived, so I didn't get a picture of their reunion.  I will have to stage one!!!

Forty-six Weeks

Katelyn likes to make messes!

In the last week, Kate has completely converted to regular crawling; I haven't seen her do the commando crawling in days.  She occasionally does a bear crawl where she is up on her feet and hands instead of on her knees; I have yet to get a picture of that.

Kate is pulling up more and trying to stand.  

She is starting to point at things.

We ate in restaurants three times over the weekend, and Kate was fantastic.  She ate well and never fussed.  Yesterday, we ate both breakfast and dinner in restaurants!!!!!  

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kool Aid Tie Dye

The Kool Aid Tie Dye tee shirts we made yesterday are still drying.  So far, we are very happy with the experience.

We followed the directions at Kids Kreate to make the tie dye.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Forts and Sewing and Tie Dye - OH MY!

Wow, I had no idea how long the days would seem without Tom here.  I miss his company.  I'm glad he will be home soon.  He did get to see some of the men's bike race today, and I think it is awesome that he saw an Olympic event, even if they drove by and the whole thing was over in an instant!

Today, I woke up to find Collin sitting up watching the Olympics at 5:15 this morning!  He was so excited to be watching the bike race because he knew Dad was watching it in London!

The rest of our day included making a fort,

a visit from Papa and Grandma,

sewing with Grandma,

playing hidden picture addition at (more summer homework),

playing Twister,

dancing in the rain,

using Kool Aid to tie dye tee shirts (I will post the results tomorrow),

learning how to braid,

a glow in the dark bath tub,

They were excited to put on bathing suits and jump in the glowing tub!

some reading,

and another camp out in the living room.


Oh, and if you are wondering if Tyler is having any fun, he spent all day yesterday with his girlfriend, and went to a friend's house today.

Week In Review

Tyler had football camp in Portsmouth this week from 8 until 12 and then went to tennis camp three of those days from 1 to 3.  I think it was more tiring for me than it was for him!

Tom left for London on Thursday afternoon.  He is visiting a friend from college for a few days.

Since Dad left, Collin and Reagan have made Klutz Window Art (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Klutz products),

had some volcano fun,

made 3-2-1 microwave cakes that became 


made sculptures with marshmallows and toothpicks (this was mostly because Collin is working on his summer math packet and this was one of the possible activities - I can't believe he has homework over the summer!),

used scratch and sniff stickers to make menus they used for playing restaurant,

Kelly likes the scratch and sniff stickers!!!!!

made mini s'mores,

watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and looked for flags (the kids were very excited about this, but the novelty quickly wore off and I ended up trying to complete the sheets - we missed six),

and camped out in the living room (they love to do this, me - I prefer a bed!, but I stayed downstairs and slept on the couch to be with them).

It's a good thing Dad doesn't go away very often, because I don't think I could keep up this pace!!!