Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Fun With Fractions

For an after school snack yesterday, C and R had apple slices.  Before they could eat the apples though, we had another lesson on fractions.

We borrowed the book, Apple Fractions by Jerry Pallotta, from the library.  As much as we all enjoyed the chocolate fractions mentioned in yesterday's post, Apple Fractions is better suited for my first grader and preschooler.  The fractions are more basic and C and R had no trouble figuring out what part of the whole each picture showed. 

We also borrowed Whole-y Cow! Fractions Are Fun by Taryn Souders.  This book is my favorite of the three we have read.  If you are introducing fractions, start with this book.  The rhyming text and colorful illustrations are appealing to young students, and the silly cow helps too.  Prompted by a poem and a visual clue, readers are asked to answer what fraction is illustrated in the cows antics, starting with halves and progressing into thirds, fourths, eighths, and tenths.  There is a teacher's guide and links to other resources for teaching fractions available at the author's website too!  The teacher's guide includes a lot of fun activities using fractions; there is even a recipe for chocolate chip cookies (Is there a better way to use fractions than in baking?)!

Also, C and R had a great time playing Fraction Pizza Shop with our Learning Resources fraction pizzas and some paper fraction pizzas he made in school.  R was the waitress and I would tell her what fraction of a pizza I wanted.  She would tell C the order and he gave her the correct amount.  It was fun!

The Learning Resources pizzas have fractions on the back of them.  They are great learning tools and fun to play with too!


Jen said...

I've never seen those books- so cute. We did fractions with cookies and pizza! We baked and then cut them into fractions, etc.

Creative and Curious Kids!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We ear apples daily - I'm going to look for that book!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I love the game you played. What a fun way to introduce fractions to R.

MaryAnne said...

Thanks for all the book recommendations! The Learning Resources pizzas look great!

Ticia said...

Somewhere in my mess of teaching stuff I have a fraction game. I can't remember if it's a hershey bar one or a pizza one.

Jennifer said...

Heading over to our library's website to see if they have these books!! Thanks!

Susana said...

I have always wanted those pizza fraction things. They look so fun.

C and R's expressions in those first two pictures are priceless!

These books look wonderful!

Debbie said...

We haven't looked into fractions yet. I will be putting all these books on my list for future use though.