Saturday, October 2, 2010

Secret Agent R

Agent A to Agent Z by Andy Rash is one of our favorite alphabet books.  The secret agent theme is just so much fun.  I could not resist having a little secret agent alphabet fun with this book.

After preschool one day, I showed R a pile of lowercase letters that could not find their moms and dads.  An evil villain attempted to steal the uppercase letters without knowing there was a hole in his bag, and the letters were scattered all over the city (room).  Her mission (which she chose to accept, thankfully!) was to find all of the uppercase letters and reunite them with their lowercase children. 

R began her search, leaving no cushion unturned.

Once she found all of the uppercase letters, she began by arranging the lowercase letters in alphabetical order.

Then she reunited them with their uppercase moms and dads.

Finally, she returned all of the letters to the puzzles they came from and insisted that I pose for this picture.

Special thanks to Little Page Turners for inspiring me with a really cool special agent theme.

The letter pieces we used came from Lauri puzzles.  You can find the uppercase puzzle here and the lowercase puzzle here (just click on the links).

I am linking this to What My Child is Reading at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.


Debbie said...

Oh what fun! I can see that she really enjoyed this book and activity!

Lynn said...

What a cute idea! My son would love that idea. And you even got her to put them back in the right place. ;)

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

It's a neat idea! I agree - Anna would never put her alphabet back into the puzzle - she insists that they are all cookies. Ironically, a book by Rash was our absolute favorite this week too.

Brimful Curiosities said...

A letter search sounds like fun! My luck I'd hide one and not remember where I put it. I've never heard of the book, but the cover is striking. This activity would also be fun to pair with "The Letters are Lost."

Jenny said...

Another cool idea! Abby would have loved something like this when she was that age.

LitLass said...

I've put this book on our Goodreads list. I love Lauri puzzles, and I think my 4-year-old would love this activity.

Ticia said...

Oh my kids would love this. Maybe I'll break down and get that puzzle soon.